Hunter Panels Technical Resources

pdfLTTR Values Change - July 15, 2014

pdfInstallation Change for Some Composite Products - Hunter Panels announces change in installation recommendations of the following composite products: H-Shield WF, H-Shield HD Composite CG, H-Shield NB and Cool-Vent.

pdfFSC HP NB and Cool Vent - New Product Components for H-Shield NB and Cool-Vent when specifying FSC Wood

pdfASTM Chart - ASTM C 12289 Polyiso Roofing Insulation Classifications

pdfLEED V4 and Polyiso by PIMA

pdfHunter Panels and LEED - Assisting you in achieving LEED credits with Hunter Polyiso products

pdfMSDS Sheet - For H-Shield, Tapered H-Shield, H-Shield F, H-Shield NB, H-Shield WF, Tapered H-Shield WF, Hinged Target™ Sump, Cool-Vent

pdfMSDS Sheet - For H-Shield CG, Tapered H-Shield CG, H-Shield HD, H-Shield HD Composite CG, Hunter Xci CG, Hunter Xci Ply

pdfStorage and Handling Requirements

pdfRecycled Content of Hunter H-Shield Polyiso

pdfProduct Substitution Request Form

pdfPolyiso Testing Letter

pdfManufacturers Compatibility

pdfLetter of Compatibility

pdfMade in the USA Certification Letter- All products manufactured in the USA

pdfCCMC Listing for Canada

pdfCAN/ULC S704 Polyiso Roofing Insulation Classifications